My Mission to BQ

“BQ” = Boston Qualify

Okay, here’s the deal.

I’m going to be straight up with you, because being fake and dishonest is pointless and a waste of time.  You may end up thinking I’m an egotistical asshole, you may think I’ve got a big head, you make think I’m full of shit and have pipe dreams.  That’s okay.  I don’t really care.  Otherwise, I hope you enjoy my blog

I’ve created this blog to keep me disciplined and on track in my goal.  What is my goal?  Ultimately, it is to qualify for the Boston Marathon, specifically the 2013 Boston Marathon, and I would love nothing more than to do it on my very first try at my very first marathon.

A long shot?  Perhaps.  But I can guarantee that I will train smart, train hard, and be diligent toward completing my goal.

My first marathon is going to be May 20, 2012, in Cleveland, OH.  As of today, that is 227 days away.  That is approximately 32 weeks.  32 long runs (or about 31 or so with a taper) between now and then.

If for some reason I don’t BQ at the Cleveland Marathon, then surely I shall do so at the Erie Marathon next September.  A flat course in my hometown.  I wouldn’t mind BQing in my hometown at a great race sponsored by my local running club, the Erie Runners Club.

But I’m just going to pretend between now and May that the option of BQing in September is not an option at all.  I’m going in this with the mindset that it’s all or nothing in Cleveland.  That will keep my focused on my training between now and then.

I just started running this year, on April 19.  In the spring, I joined a extracurricular group from school, the “Exercise Science Club”.  I went with the club to the 2011 Boston Marathon, at which we volunteered at the mile 25 water station.  Up until that point, I have never considered running for fun.  I was always a weightlifter, a bodybuilder, a meathead.  Cardio was not fun.  How could cardio possibly be fun?

However, between the expo two days before Boston, and the race itself, the excitement was contagious and inspirational.  27,000 people, all running together, having already achieved an awesome accomplishment of qualifying and running in the Boston Marathon, America’s most prestigious road race.  I decided then and there that I too wanted to run at Boston.

The very next day I went to the local running shop (Achilles, Erie, PA, shout out, thanks guys!) and got fitted.  Apparently I’m an overpronator.  So I got my first pair of shoes, Asics GT-2150’s, and the following day, I started Week 1 Day 1 of Couch-to-5k.

Instead of following the program for 9 weeks, I ran my first 5k after about the 4th week of the program.  I finished in around 31 minutes.  Slow, yes.  The next race, a week or two later, I finished in around 26 minutes.  And then 24 minutes.  23.  22.  21.  20.  The times were dropping, and I was progressing very quickly.

Just 5 months after starting running, I’m at a 5k PR of 19:41.  That is pretty fast for someone who hasn’t been running long.  So naturally, my fast progress has led me to believe that I have a natural tendency to be a strong runner.  This has gone to my head, and hence the crazy idea that I could possibly BQ at my very first marathon was born.  And now we have this blog.

At the various races and training groups I’ve run with, I’ve met a number of really awesome and inspirational people, and made some really great friends.  The community of runners is absolutely the best, and we all share a camaraderie that is inexplicable. I couldn’t have made the progress that I have thus far without them, and I sometimes take them for granted.  My running friends are always at the local races.  We always cheer each other on, and I really don’t think I would run as well if they weren’t there by my side, cheering me on, stroking my ego, and allowing me to enjoy their wonderful company.  Many of those same friends will be at Cleveland with me.  Some will run the marathon, some will run the half, and others will run the 10k.  But we will all be there together, and I think that may be just the ticket to making my journey a successful one, BQ or not.

So, enough background.   I’m going to try to post on here daily.  I’m not too worried about following a good training plan and getting quality runs and miles in, but more-so about consuming good food!  I still like to eat junk food.  Sure, I’ve lost over 20 lbs since I’ve started running, and I am quite lean, but I need to eat better food.  So this blog is to keep me accountable. I hope at least a few people read it, and I hope you folks give me a hard-time whenever I start to slack.  I hope I want it bad enough to stay disciplined and on course.

Well, that’s the intro.  Any questions, feel free to ask.

My actual blog posts, updates on training and nutrition shall start tomorrow.  The plan for tomorrow is 4.2 miles of fartleks in the morning, and a couple easy runs at night with some groups that I run with occassionally.  Friday is a long run (I plan to do 13 miles).  Saturday is an easy run after I get done volunteering at a 100-mile ultramarathon, and Sunday I’m doing my first century ride (100 mile bicycle ride.  I’m a semi-avid cyclist as well).

See you soon.

Oh, here’s me:

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